Gain Maximum Value from Daily Standups
with Notes Automation

Do you spend lots of time preparing documents and notes for Daily Standups? Tired of pinging participants to arrive on time, making sure they keep focused, and that the meeting fits the allotted timespan?

Choose NoteMate to grow your Scrum Standup efficiency today!

  • Send automatic reminders in Slack, notifying all team members about a Standup
  • Provide them with a ready-made meeting template
  • Ask them to submit their notes before the meeting starts
  • Keep all participants focused and on the same page during the meeting
  • Let them access the previous meetings’ notes when required from either Confluence or Google Drive

What are Daily Standups in Scrum?

Every day a team gathers for a 15-minute Daily Standup meeting, where every participant says what’s been done, what the plans for today are, and points out problems and blockers. The main goal of this meeting is to synchronize the team, understand what its current activities are, address any urgent requests, as well as draw attention to the existing challenges and help remove them.

Get rid of notes creation routine

Remove hustle of unstructured meetings. Save more productive time for you and your team with NoteMate!