What is Notemate?

Notemate is an application that creates Meeting Notes documents before a scheduled event happens and post the link to the team communication channel.

Currently, you can use Google Docs or Atlassian Confluence as a document storage and Slack as a target notification channel.

How will Notemate help me?

If you are Project/Product Manager, Scrum Master, Team Leader you probably have regular events and meetings, like Standups, Synchronization events, Retrospectives, Sprint Plannings. And most likely you create a meeting notes for that events. If you do this manually and bored with repeatable actions - then NoteMate will do the job for you!

On daily basis it is not a big work, just about 5 minutes to go to GDrive or Confluence, push "Create" button, get Document Link and post it to your team.

But it will take 25 minutes a week and 1.5 hours in total a month for only one regular meeting document! Clearly it's annoying and time-consuming.

Additionally, with Notemate, you can develop a good behavior with your team to be prepared for meetings in time.

Just schedule event document creation and post link to it Before actual meeting starts, that way your team members will have enough time to prepare their points, questions for scheduled meeting.

It's essential to have for e.g. Daily Standup of an Agile team. Using "Templates" feature - you can set up a document structure so our team will get a clear direction on how to be prepared for a meeting.

What Features does Notemate have?

Read More about all features here.

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