Achieve Sprint Planning Meeting Goals with Notes Automation

Do you manage to decide on the Sprint Goal and choose the Sprint Backlog during a single Sprint Planning meeting? Or do you tend to get off track?

Choose NoteMate to keep Sprint Planning meetings focused on their core goals!

  • Provide all team members with a Sprint Planning meeting agenda
  • Add links to the Product Backlog and ask your team to review it beforehand
  • Create a template for the Sprint Planning meeting notes
  • Send a meeting reminder in Slack
  • Store Sprint Planning minutes in either Confluence or Google Drive

What is a Sprint Planning Meeting?

A Product Owner gets together with a team in order to define a Sprint Goal and decide what items from the Product Backlog will be included in the Sprint Backlog. A team also estimates the complexity of each User Story (from the Product Backlog) and gives it points. The Stories with the maximum number of points require additional attention from the Product Owner, and have to be either rewritten, or split into smaller ones. It is important to note that all Stories chosen for the Sprint have to lead to a deliverable functionality and be consolidated under one common Sprint Goal.

Get rid of notes creation routine

Remove hustle of unstructured meetings. Save more productive time for you and your team with NoteMate!