Improve your Team’s Effectiveness with Retrospective Meeting Notes Automation

Do you believe that getting ready for and holding a Retrospective is a tough task? How accurate and to the point are your meeting minutes? Do the priority issues raised at the meeting get addressed in time?

Choose NoteMate to bring structure to your Retrospective meeting and ensure that all points raised are taken care of!

  • Encourage team members to be adding comments before a Retrospective starts
  • Let them submit their notes at any time during the sprint
  • Send an automatic reminder about an upcoming meeting in Slack
  • Record a backlog of issues raised at the meeting and prioritize them
  • Assign / tag a responsible person per each item on the backlog list
  • Provide remote team members with equal opportunities by engaging them in discussions
  • Do a quick recap on the previous Retrospective by easily locating and accessing its records in Confluence or Google Drive

What is a Sprint Retrospective Meeting in Scrum?

The main goal of a Retrospective meeting is to review the previous sprint, identify problems and suggest improvements. During the meeting, all team members are free to share their thoughts about what worked well and what didn’t during the sprint. Based on the discussion, they come up with an action plan that is called to enhance team effectiveness and elevate a product’s quality.

Get rid of notes creation routine

Remove hustle of unstructured meetings. Save more productive time for you and your team with NoteMate!