Automate Event Notes Creation

Notemate tool creates meeting docs before scheduled events and posts link to the team communication channel. It automates the process of regular sync events: standups, plannings, retros, etc.

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  • Schedule Event
  • Create Template
  • Be notified before Event
  • Collaborate in created Doc
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Scheduled events

Setup event recurrence and notes will be created automatically.

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Define Templates using Markdown or HTML markup to provide document structure.

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All meeting docs are organized into the folders automatically. So humans don’t mess it up.

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Connect to Google Drive, Confluence to store documents. Post links to team's Slack channel.

Easy Setup

Just choose the document storage (Confluence or GDrive), define document template, set Slack channel and recurrence schedule.

  • Choose Document Storage
  • Choose Template
  • Set Notification Channel
  • Set Recurrence Schedule

Then NoteMate creates document and post links to Slack, so your team gets prepared notes structure before event starts.

Built for a Wide Range of Teams

Wether you are in Software Development, Business Development, Financial or Operational Teams, Notemate will help you organize your notes and save good piece of time by automating documents creation.

Usage Examples

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Photo testimonial sk

Sergey Korolev Managing Director, Railsware

As lead of distributed team I find this tool really useful!
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Yevgen Tsvetukhin Product Manager, Railsware

Notemate allows me and my team to be better prepared to regular meetings.
Photo testimonial ddg

Daniel Di Giusto People & Culture, Railsware

It saves quite a lot of time during my daily work.
Photo testimonial cg

Chris Grey Product Owner, KVH

No other tool can make this work and prepare event documents in our Confluence space.

Get rid of notes creation routine

Remove hustle of unstructured meetings. Save more productive time for you and your team with NoteMate!